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Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York the Empire State Building, Rome The Colossus, London House of Parliament with Big Ben and Lucea has its Town Hall with a Chimming clock. This is a scene of Lucea (St. Lucia) facing the Townhall(old Court House) which was built in 1820. Notice the clock atop, that was meant to be installed for the island of St. Lucia, maps of the period shows the spelling as st. Lucia.

The Town Hall was used as a Court House and offices for the Parish Council (local government) it is seen in the movie "Cool Runnings".

The mile markers for all roads leading out of Lucea to within Hanover and into other Parishes, starts in front of this building, they all indicate "To" or "From" Lucea in mileage. Road maps showed highway A1 to Kingston and B9 to Savanna La Mar.

View of Lucea business area, picture taken at Malcolm Heights, from below Lucea Primary School.
Fort Charlotte prior to 1720, was previously named Fort Lucy. It sits at the end of the peninsula with four nearby Barracks. Cannons and support system needs restoring.

Were these guns ever fired in anger? If so, how many ships went to Davey Jones Locker??.

View from Fort Charlotte, looking across the entrance of Lucea Harbor to Point, the Point Fort is where another of Hanover's Fort was located.

The view from the Point Hill goes as far as Green Island in the West and Montego Bay in the East.  An old unattended cemetery with overturned head stones lies a few chains from the molasses tanks and the Bamboo Bay beaches.

The Nothern Coastal Highway in the background leads to Hopewell, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Eastern Jamaica.

Their is a survey marker to the left of the cannon, this is where all references are taken for the Nothern Coastal Highway.

There is a cannon buried nozzle down at the corner of Hanover St. and Bigwell Lane, which is used as a stool.

Fort Charlotte with Rusea's High School Campus one(2) in the background, there is a small beach below, and a small cave, that leads to an entrance into the Headmaster's office.

The view is from the east side of Fort.

The Jewish cemetery is to the left, on the other side is the town cemetery. They are located on Watson Taylor Drive, and West of the Hanover Parish Church, on the Nothern Coastal Highway to Negril.

Located across the street, now occupied by the nursery school, was the site of the former town power station, operated by Bugsie Martin.  Rural electrification of Hanover was its demise. Lucea now gets its electric power from the grid system, and the nearest power station is at Bogue, Montego Bay.

The Hanover Museum was formerly the local jail, previously a part of the British Military Barracks complex. It is located off the main road to Negril, between Watson Taylor Park and the Lucea Roman Catholic Church.

The Northern side is on a cliff overlooking the sea, with a splended view of the Lucea Harbor approach.

On the wall of the museum is a photos of Sir Alexander Bustamante (Clarke), native son of Hanover.  Busta was born a few miles outside of Lucea, in the farming village of Blenhem. Busta  became the first Premier, Chief Premier and first Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Busta's relatives are Norman Manley, is first cousin, who was also Premier of Jamaica, Prime Minister Michael Manley the son of Norman Manley, and Prime Minister Hugh Shearer a cousin, Edna Manley wife of Norman, she was a sculptures and founder of the Edna Manley school of Arts.  All these individuals are deceased - RIP.

Speaks for itself!!

Pirate to Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica, Captain Morgan.

Inside view of the Museum Court yard, construction is of cut stone and bricks. On display is rack used for punishing Slaves.
The Lucea Parish Church (Anglican/Episcopal). The yearly Memorial Service, other wise called Poppy Day,  for World War I & II Veterans is held in this Church.

This service is proceed with marching from the town square to the Church.

The Parade review consist of the Hanover Police Constables, The Lucea Special Constable Band,  Ruseas' Cadets Corp, The Lucea 27th Boys' Brigade, The Lucea 50th Boys Brigade, Lucea Girls' Guide, Lucea Brownies', Lucea Boy Scouts.

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