People Who Had A Musical Relationship In Lucea & Hanover


Eugene Grey Eric "Rickenbacker" Frater Brian "Bones" Atkinson Ike Bennett
Original member of the Serenades Band (Band was formed at Rusea's-First Jamaica Festival Pop winner). 
Eugene was an early member of
Fab 5 Band. Eugene was also top Track & Field sprinter at Rusea's.

Photo donated by Eugene
Eric Started out at Rusea's,  then played Lead and Rythm guitar for Duke Reid's Studio Band and Coxsone Studio One Band. Rickenbacker band was called Rick and the Blue Grass. Eric passed away in 2006.
Original member of the Serenades Band (Band was formed at Rusea's - First Jamaica Festival Pop winner). Founder of the Soul Vendors the original  Coxsone Studio One Band. Original member of the Serenades Band (Band was formed at Rusea's- First Jamaica Festival Pop winner). Front man for Ike Bennett & The Crystallites.
Niney Peter Broggs Mark Steele Terry "The Outlaw" Ganzie
Started is career in Lucea as Moccasin, backed by the Serenades Band at local Concerts. Founder of the Observer Label. Singer from Lucea in the Roots Reggae and Dub Music genre. Born in Lucea and is a Toronto based Entertainer, a very polished Singer/Showman. From Askenish at the foot of the Dolphin Head Mountain. Sample Vandorne Johnson music.
Lee "Scratch" Perry Prince Mydas Elijah Saint Cecil "Skelley" Spence
Lee was born in Kendal, he is the Founder of Black Ark Studios.  Lee is a Grammy Award Winner. Anthony Hawthorne is a member of Shaggy's crew. Born Andre St. Aubyn Johnson, artist, song writer, composer and Producer. Founding member of the Israel Vibration, who hails from Askenish. 
Joan Myers  Roydel "Congo" Johnson Willie "Wilso" Dickson   Ansel Malcolm
A Gospel singer formerly with the Grace Singers, born in Haddington.  Roydel hails from Kendal and a member of the Congos. Born in Lucea, Willie's show band was called the Wild Safari, that entertained on the Montego Bay hotel circuit, also represented Jamaica at the Montreal Worlds  Fair, Canada with the Playboys. Hits: Reggae Exposed, featuring "Licking Stick".  Late drummer out of Lucea and Mentor to Wille Dickson, worked out of Toronto.
Mighty Pope General Everton Tashai Foster Kellan "Kid Madness" Harding
Born Earl Edrum in Lucea top Showman in the 60's, the featured singer and original member of the Serenades Band (Band was formed at Rusea's-First Jamaica Festival Pop winner). Earl was the Hanover Festival winner in the solo category.    "Empress Tashai" was born in Green Island.  
 Ever G Julie Spence Al T Joe  Dermott Lynch 
Everett Streete was born in Cash Hill and attend Rusea's Born in Lucea, based out of Toronto, Canada. Singer and Pianist from Hopewell, popular known as the Jamaican Satchmo. Hits: Rise Jamaica. Singer from Lucea, one of his influence was Theaphilous Beckford, who he used to imitated to impress the young girls. Hits: Ive got your Number, I Can't Stand it, Echo(Feel like Crying), I Love The Way You Are.
Roger Kassiano Smith Lord Fly Tony Ramsey Troublesum
Recording artist, writer and musician.  Kassiano career takes him to Mexico, Central & South America Born Rupert Linly Lyon in Lucea, singer, Jazz  saxophonist and recording pioneer. Original member of the Serenades Band (Band was formed at Rusea's - First Jamaica Festival Pop winner). Hanover Festival Pop category winner. Born Devon Smith in Hanover, hit song Nine Inch.
Benjy Myaz Errol D. Bean Ivan Chin Richie Melody
Benjamin Myers was born in Haddington, Musician, Teaches music and creates music. Born in Maryland, Singer, Teacher, Preacher, Composer, Writer. Owner of Chin's Radio Service, Kingston.  Ivan started fixing radios before Jamaica had a Radio Station, and use his knowledge to start recording is Mento group. Born in Lucea as James E. Brown, appears in Negril frequently at Alfred's.
Jah Jah Yute Rasta  Rai - Eric Moore T. Brown
Born in Rock Springs, as Steadman Shearer Founder of the Tree of Life Band in England. Born in Lucea, writes & arrange music and plays four instruments Tristan Brown was born in Lucea.
Wadded   Kassiano Howie Blendah
Born in Lucea   Born Roger Kassiano Smith Howie Blendah was born Joseph Williams, on the 30.04.1953 in Cousins Cove, Hanover.
Ginjah   Kandiman Brandsford Sinclair
Born Valentine Nakrumah Fraser   Byron Antonio Reid was born in Rock Spring  
Ken Garrison Marlon Anderson Easton Clarke Motherless
  Marlon was awarded “Best Male Vocalist” for three consecutive years (2001 through 2003) from the Annual Caribbean Gospel Awards held in New York. Based in Germany Born Cecil Mitchell, arguable the best Jamaican Banjo player
DJ KoolKid Mr. Groove George Hemmings  
DJ KoolKid was  born Owen McIntosh in Lucea on 11/07/90. Lepke Nathaniel Hines AKA Mr. Groove, was born in Jericho and a student at Rusea's. Born in Lucea,  Christian Fellowship is his denomination.  

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